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Realizing the Power of LST in Revolutionizing DeFi

Interest Bearing Stablecoin
Backed by ETH

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The benefits of iYU

Leverage your ETH

Keep exposure to important assets while making ETH work for you. Leverage more of your ETH by borrowing a synthetic version of your collateral.

No liquidations

Regardless of circumstances, your deposit will always remain secure. You have the option to independently manage the liquidation of your loan at your discretion.

Completely flexible

IYU ensures no lock-in of your deposit, and there are no associated fees. Your funds remain fully accessible at all times, and you have the flexibility to repay your debt at your convenience.


Secure & Stable

iUSD stability is upheld through a blend of overcollateralization, liquidation protocols, arbitrage avenues, and the iUSD premium suppression mechanism. These elements collaborate to guarantee that the iUSD value closely aligns with a peg of 1 USD.

Interest Bearing

iUSD holders can expect to receive an estimated 8% base annual percentage yield (APY). Borrowers converting their iUSD into piUSD maintain the flexibility to revert piUSD to iUSD at any time, allowing them to accrue interest on their deposited collateral.

Omnichain Integration

Simplifying the launch of an Omnichain with LayerZero, iUSD adopts the LayerZero Omnichain Fungible Token Standard for its implementation, introducing piUSD as the omnichain counterpart to iUSD. This strategic approach eliminates the need for an iUSD Liquidity Pool on each supported chain, streamlining the complexities of bridging, wrapping procedures, and associated transaction fees. As a result, this cost-effective and technically efficient implementation enables Lybra to seamlessly integrate comprehensive omnichain functionality into its interest-bearing stablecoin offering.


“Not going all the way, but like being okay withdoing more active governance to support staked ETH,and ideally intentionally accepting only non-dominant forms of staked ETH ”

Vitalik ButerinFounder of Ethereum


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